With both my husband and I having some Irish in our ancestry, I wanted to make something for St Patrick’s Day…a ‘lil St Patty’s Day Decor if you will.



St Patty’s Day Decor

A month ago I came across this adorable burlap fabric and bought a quarter yard of it at Jo-ann Fabric store.  You can pick it up right now for just under $6/yd..  You could make so many cute St Patty’s Day Decor things with this fabric.  You can’t tell it from my photos, but the text is in a really nice deep green.


I started out with a stretched canvas that I happened to have and the 1/4 yard of fabric.  You could use a board or even an old picture that you don’t like anymore.  If you do that, you may need to paint over the picture or cover it with muslin, so it doesn’t show through the weave of the burlap.


St Pattys fabric

Laying out the materials to make my St. Patty’s Day Decor.


Then I started wrapping the fabric around to the back side of the canvas and alternating sides to get it evenly stretched.  I had to pull it a bit tighter than normal, because I had a crease in the fabric.  It smoothed out with a bit ‘o stretching.  (I have to throw in my version of Irish..ha!)


St Patty's Day Decor

Taking my time to stretch the material over the canvas.


This was such a quick, inexpensive project.  I love how it gives us a bit of St Patty’s Day Décor, without all of the kitsch, in your face decor that usually comes with St. Patrick’s Day.


St Pattys Day Decor

I love how this St Patty’s Day Decor coordinates with my new china cabinet!


Originally I was going to hang it at the front door, but I loved how it tied into the green of our china cabinet when I went to photograph the canvas.  So, that may be it’s new home for the month of March!


Do you decorate with St Patty’s Day Decor?  What things to you normally do to celebrate?


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