I have moved a lot.  More times than I care to remember…more times than most normal people.  With each move came a new problem…not enough furniture, furniture that didn’t fit, paint colors that didn’t work with my furnishings.  Not to mention, awful outdated kitchens and baths. I bet you can relate?!  What worked for your last home, does not even remotely work in your new one.



                             photo credit: Kate Ter Haar, edited to add text


It might sound like I don’t like moving, but, I actually, love to move into a new space.  This might have a little to do with my education.  I became an Interior Designer 18 years ago, passed the NCIDQ in 2002.  (Want to know what this means for YOU?  click here).  I feel so blessed to still love Interior Design as much now, as I did when I graduated.


Since leaving home for college, I have lived in several other countries and throughout the western half of the USA.  It has been fun to see Regional and International décor preferences and work with clients to achieve their design goals.  I like to think that all this travel benefits you.  Dealing with people from other countries really helps to develop communication skills that makes your space exactly what you knew you wanted, but couldn’t envision.


With every move, I have adapted a system to evaluate what works in a space, pulling together existing and new furniture pieces to create a beautiful interior.  Things that I have translated into my Interior Design business.


Lil Huckleberries


The name Lil Huckleberries was inspired by my love of Montana (I’m a fifth generation Montanan) and my desire to share my state with my little ones…my Lil Huckleberries.  The name also represents a work ethic for me.  For those of you who are not familiar with Montana, we call Huckleberries “purple gold” and we all spend hours sometimes days driving to the best spot to pick Huckleberries.  It can take hours to pick a gallon of Huckleberries, but so worth it  I use that same dedication to working with you to find and “pick” your best interior!  We Montanans are known for our hard-work and dedication.  I love to transform your decorating problems into beautiful interiors!


So what’s YOUR problem?  Let me help you achieve your dream room!