Recently, I shared with you a child’s desk that I painted to match baby girl’s furniture painted with CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk paint.  When I decided to paint it, I could not remember what version white I had bought.  That in combination with having to wait for it to ship to me, left me trying to figure out a different solution.     What I came up with, after searching the internet of course, was a possible solution using things that… Read more »

FYI, today, is not going to be a day related to Interior Design here on the blog today. I’m talking personal stuff…so if you would rather not read, come and visit later this week, when I will be on track again.   You know when life doesn’t go as planned? That’s where I am right now. I have had to take some time off to reflect, think and regroup.   As far as weeks go, it has been a challenging… Read more »


If you have been watching the Monday’s Moments board on my Pinterest page, you will see I have been pinning lots of gallery walls.  I love how gallery walls can be such a statement in a room.     Some of my favorites are where they tie a piece of furniture into the display.  It really connects the two, giving your space even more interest.   Today, I am showing the gallery wall down our hallway.  With our open concept… Read more »


  A bit ago I shared my incredibly long to do list.  This was one of those things on that list.  So, I am glad to be able to share this painted child’s desk with you!     Here is what it looked like before.  The kiddos have so much fun with it.     I wanted to paint this desk to match Baby Girl’s furniture that I painted in CeCe Caldwell’s chalk paint.  I didn’t have anymore, so had… Read more »


If you are anything like me, you love Before & After photos.  So, with the progress we’ve made, I thought it was time to share a little Before & After of our hall bath.  It’s fun to see how far we have come.     The house was built in the 70’s.  The previous owners were meticulous in it’s care, but things were a bit dated.  Here is the bath before:     Overall, the layout of this bath remained the… Read more »


What happens when you don’t have an obvious entry?  You get people coming to the back door!  This is the situation we have.  Guests park in the driveway and they are faced with two entries on either side of the garage.  The side of the house is actually the driveway side, so it is not obvious which entry point to use. The front door is tucked back, to the left of the garage.  Because we didn’t bump out the courtyard… Read more »


Since we have started focusing some energy on the backyard, I thought I better get thinking about exterior paint colors.  We have some things that are fixed, that will help determine the colors we go with. Number one, the travertine tile that will cover the patio floor, has a pinky/purple undertone.  Then the window frames are bronze.  Finally, the posts will be stained a dark walnut color.     In the scheme above, Rolling Pebble is the house body color.  Sculptor… Read more »


With pool season fast approaching, we have had to move some of our energy outside.  In the renovation, we extended the covered patio 11’ doubling it in size.  After experiencing our first winter here, I am so glad we did.  It is pretty much year round living here, so extending it gives us additional shade during summer months and lots of extra living space.     So this past week, the patio was getting prepped for tile, with additional concrete… Read more »


Last week I talked about three design blunders to avoid.  One of them was to hang your artwork closer to your furniture than the ceiling, helping it to relate as a grouping.  Today, I thought I would share how to do this as one of our Moments.     I started with this tall cabinet and took an inventory of the accessories I had.  To give some additional height to our arrangement, I added a stack of baskets for texture,… Read more »

I just finished painting all of the cabinet doors!  It will be so nice to have rooms that are completely done.  Well after we get the base and case in!  But, we are close!  This morning, I was able to finish the front sides of the remaining cabinets.  Can I tell you how excited I am to get these doors up and not to see all of the “stuff” in the cabinets anymore?   Now, I wanted to share a… Read more »