Did you know that how you see color affects how well you can coordinate your interiors?  If you see color, but not accurately, you could be combining a fabric and a paint color that just doesn’t look right.  Not only can your ability be a factor, but age can alter what you see too!   I came across this fun quiz:  Color Test Challenge  Just be warned, your eyes will go a bit buggy looking at the colors!  If you… Read more »


After working with clients, I have figured out that many have tried to design the room themselves and there is a bit of a design process that a client will take prior to calling me.  While they may have great taste, they just don’t know how to pull the room together as a whole.  When it came down to it, they couldn’t either picture the room as a whole or they just didn’t have the time it takes to shop… Read more »


May is is graduation.  You are graduating with a degree in Interior Design and have no clue how to actually become an Interior Designer.  Finding an internship was difficult.  Finding a job has been MORE difficult.  Just what are you going to do with this degree?     Now what? I love all of the questions and interest from the What I learned in Interior Design School and the What They Don’t Teach You In Interior Design School posts. … Read more »


This winter has been crazy for a lot of you and I am sure that many of you are feeling a bit of spring fever.  I know that it is teasing my friends and family in the northwest.  The snow keeps melting, then it snows again!   Even I have been feeling that spring fever nudge wanting to create a patio plan; although I am not in any hurry to usher in summer here in AZ!     I’ve always loved… Read more »


I thought you all might like to see some things I have been working on.  This is a typical suburban house that could really be located anywhere.  It is a large home with warm oak floors and beige walls.  The clients felt like the home was a sea of builders beige.     The existing wall color worked with the flooring and cabinetry, so I decided to build upon those fixed items.  The only other thing they said they would… Read more »


I’ve been dying to share the latest DIY project with you.  When planning out the finishes for this house, I knew I wanted something to contrast the travertine floors to create some impact.  Well, my friend, this is the contrast the room needed.  The DIY walnut countertop adds depth and warmth into the space with it’s rich color.   You will have to forgive me, but I don’t have any photos of the “in progress” countertops.  We were in such… Read more »


A lot of us have or have had small laundry rooms.  You know the challenge of a small laundry room.  Nothing like climbing over clothes as you come in from the garage with no place to hang your coat.  Sometimes the laundry is even tucked away in the bathroom or stuck in a small hall closet.  Did the builder think that clothes were not going to congregate in the hallway?!  Actually, most didn’t think about it at all.  This is… Read more »

Interior room solutions

  Did you fall in love with your home when you first laid eyes on it, but now that you are living there, just don’t know where to start?  We now have several different options to solve YOUR biggest design dilemma!  Visit the Design Services page for more info.  I’m excited to be able to offer these services to help you and your biggest design problems.  If you don’t see something that seems to fit, shoot me an email, I… Read more »


This is one of my favorite times of year, with all of the extra touches that go into an interior.  The soft, white Christmas lights warm up the room, so it feels cozy.  I had been practicing with my camera and wanted to share some of my favorites of our tree this year, before Christmas day was over.      

Interior room solutions

Hey!  It’s been awhile.  I had to take a little break with hubby gone…I needed to keep the ship afloat.  Which obviously didn’t include blogging.  Sorry guys!  But, I am back with more design advice, eye candy, AND a few completed projects!  Yay, me!  So, stay tuned, I will be sharing those projects over the next few months.